Child Actors

Jake Cuddemi

Jake is a 21-year-old whose voices capture the attention and hearts of all listening ears. With 14 years professional experience, Jake has voiced radio & television commercials,  website training projects,  characters for animation and more, and his voice has traveled the world – from Chicago and California, to India and Italy.  Whether he’s the lead character “Deadmund” for Sony’s 2011 Playstation Video Game “Deadmund’s Quest,” or the narrator of four videos for National Geographic, Jake is in his element when he has the opportunity to voice any project!

Clients: Bimbo, Coca-Cola, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Disney, H Carter Jewelers, JDC, National Geographic, Northern Arizona University, Pandora, Plato’s Closet, Shane Co., Sony, Waterpik and more…

Jake’s 2017 Demo

Recent Work:

Maria Cuddemi

Maria is a talented 17-year-old who loves voicing just about anything.  Her voice has been used for radio commercials, narrative projects, characters for animation and more.  The bottom line for Maria: she loves an audience!  Put her in front of a mic for speaking or singing (especially singing!), and she flies…

Clients: Coca-Cola, Disney, Madwire Media, National Geographic, Waterpik & more…

Maria’s 2017 Demo

Past Projects:

Demo Assortment

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